Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episode #13 - Rock Music and the Ukulele

We're talking rock music in Uketopia Episode #13. Here are some helpful links on tabs, ukes that can rock out and some devices to record on!



Fender Pa'ina

Fender Nohea

Kala Archtop Jazz Uke

Great handheld recording devices:

H2 Zoom


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Transsiberian Pictures: Evidence of the Tale

This is how we roll on the Transsiberian Railway!

Oh look, another monastery in Russia. Yep. This is Leavitt and I in Moscow. Doing the Moscow tourist thing.

My new travel BFFs photo-opping in Moscow. Oh uh, sorry Leavitt.

Nat, me and Leavitt are at the Asia-Europe border. Two continents at once!

Leavitt and I are getting our inner-Soviet on with some military action. Lets be honest, it got boring standing and smiling for the camera.

Our latest song installment. I made up a song about the Aussie's traveling with us and how they are really drug runners and not tourists. Ha! Like we would fall for that story!

Leavitt and I run with all our might, mind and strength into the 42 degreed coldness of Lake Baikal. Every limb froze, but according to local lore, I now tacked on 20 years to my life.

Hitting the road in Lake Baikal, Russia. I've got my stuffed animal and ukulele strapped to my back-- the warmth before the cold swim in the lake.

One of our Mongolian modes of transport. I named him "Alpha"-- he was the alpha horse of the group and would not be any horse's second.

Leavitt testing her lungs, while I am testing out my ears on a Mongolian horn.

Our view from the Gobi Desert. Lots of um, well, err-- this.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Episode #12 - Part 2 of Tales of the Transsiberian Railway

Open Mic: Part 2 of the stories behind my 4 weeks traveling on the Transsiberian Railway from China, Russia and Mongolia. Traveling with my Kala Travel Uke, we took a tour through some very rural country and had some very amazing experiences.

The Strum: Special guest Steve Dayton talks about the new Kala Travel Uke. Very awesome thin bodied soprano made of mahogany back and sides, with a spruce top.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode #11

Open Mic: Here are some of the stories behind the journey. For four weeks I travelled via the Transsiberian Railway through China, Mongolia and Russia. It was quite the experience, so here are some highlights of the experience!

The Strum: Lanikai CK-C, a Koa Series concert uke

On the next episode of Uketopia: Part 2 of the Transsiberian Railway! Plus, special guest Steve Dayton shows off his new Kala Travel Uke on The Strum

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Part 1 - Vancouver to Shanghai

Here are a few pictures from the China leg of the journey. Everywhere we went, Drake the Travel Uke was not far behind!

Nat and Leavitt brave it out on Mt. Huashan. Walking on a plank and a very large sheer cliff. It's no wonder why they are called "Danger Leavitts"!

My school's mascot and my Kala travel strapped to my back-- I am ready to join the Terracotta Warriors!

Nat, me and Leavitt before our big climb up Mt. Huashan. Ah yes, the sweat before the even bigger sweat! It may not look like much, but it's the even bigger mountain behind us that goes up and up and I'm pretty sure to outer space!

Leavitt (left) and I on our 4-star accommodations a.k.a. the hard beds on the train from Shanghai to Xian. Not bad for an overnight.

The hard part wasn't getting everyone to smile; the hard part was getting a picture with just us in it! Welcome to Shanghai!

Rainy day in Vancouver, Canada at Capilano Bridge. The bright yellow ponchos were a big hit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kala Travel Uke Makes it to China!

Drake the Kala Travel uke at the Forbidden City. Very hot day, but not enough to hold us back on playing some awesome melodies!