Thursday, August 13, 2009

Transsiberian Pictures: Evidence of the Tale

This is how we roll on the Transsiberian Railway!

Oh look, another monastery in Russia. Yep. This is Leavitt and I in Moscow. Doing the Moscow tourist thing.

My new travel BFFs photo-opping in Moscow. Oh uh, sorry Leavitt.

Nat, me and Leavitt are at the Asia-Europe border. Two continents at once!

Leavitt and I are getting our inner-Soviet on with some military action. Lets be honest, it got boring standing and smiling for the camera.

Our latest song installment. I made up a song about the Aussie's traveling with us and how they are really drug runners and not tourists. Ha! Like we would fall for that story!

Leavitt and I run with all our might, mind and strength into the 42 degreed coldness of Lake Baikal. Every limb froze, but according to local lore, I now tacked on 20 years to my life.

Hitting the road in Lake Baikal, Russia. I've got my stuffed animal and ukulele strapped to my back-- the warmth before the cold swim in the lake.

One of our Mongolian modes of transport. I named him "Alpha"-- he was the alpha horse of the group and would not be any horse's second.

Leavitt testing her lungs, while I am testing out my ears on a Mongolian horn.

Our view from the Gobi Desert. Lots of um, well, err-- this.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Episode #12 - Part 2 of Tales of the Transsiberian Railway

Open Mic: Part 2 of the stories behind my 4 weeks traveling on the Transsiberian Railway from China, Russia and Mongolia. Traveling with my Kala Travel Uke, we took a tour through some very rural country and had some very amazing experiences.

The Strum: Special guest Steve Dayton talks about the new Kala Travel Uke. Very awesome thin bodied soprano made of mahogany back and sides, with a spruce top.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode #11

Open Mic: Here are some of the stories behind the journey. For four weeks I travelled via the Transsiberian Railway through China, Mongolia and Russia. It was quite the experience, so here are some highlights of the experience!

The Strum: Lanikai CK-C, a Koa Series concert uke

On the next episode of Uketopia: Part 2 of the Transsiberian Railway! Plus, special guest Steve Dayton shows off his new Kala Travel Uke on The Strum